EZ Local Business Schema

Boost your local SEO effortlessly with our EZ Local Business Schema plugin. No coding required!

Easily implement advanced Schema markup, including Review Schema, and stand out in search results.

Upgrade to Pro for added benefits.

EZ Sucuri Cache Clear

Simplify your site maintenance with EZ Sucuri Cache Clear.

Automatically clear your Sucuri cache when updating content. Seamless integration with your Sucuri API keys. Plus, enjoy on-demand cache clearing.

Gravity Forms Image Upload Resizer

Resize images effortlessly with our Gravity Forms Image Upload Resizer. No complex configurations needed.

Pro version offers advanced control and customization.

Gravity Forms Address Google Autocomplete Add-On

Streamline address input with Google’s extensive data.

Our Gravity Forms extension adds Google Autocomplete, making it a breeze for users. Compatible with US, Canada, and International addresses.

Gravity Forms Address Google Autocomplete