Gravity Forms Address Google Autocomplete

Add the power of Google Places Autocomplete API to Gravity Forms address fields.

Gravity Forms Address Google Autocomplete

Get Perfect Address Data—Every Time

No code necessary!

Help your users breeze through address input with Google’s extensive data at your fingertips.

Simply add the Gravity Forms extension, input your Google Maps API key, and activate address autocompletion for your address field.

Compatible with address fields for the US, Canada, and International in Gravity Forms.

Pro Plugin


Developer Plugin


Lifetime License



How much does the Google Places API cost?

Google gives you a $200 credit each month for Google Places API calls. That’s over 9,000 autocompletions per month before you get charged a cent.

You can see more pricing details on the Google Maps Platform API pricing page.

How do I get a Google API key?

You can get your API key in just a few minutes. See the plugin documentation for more details.

Can I use this on more than one address field in the same form?

Yes! Just enable autocomplete on each field, and the plugin will work separately for each one.